Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Tommorow the quest of a lifetime

For as long as I can remember I have been trying my hardest to get in shape, you know that sexy body, rock hard abs, beautiful legs, etc...and I have paid a lot of money to the local gyms attempting to win the fight but, WRONG! I cannot seem to get it right. I think maybe its that my body just cant get in shape or I just don't know what I am doing. I think it might be the second one.

Well a few weeks ago I was in the break-room of my job at Bloomingdale's and this infomercial came on...P90X or some crap like that. I for some reason couldn't look away. I continued to glue myself on to the TV until the commercial was done. Then when the toll free number came up and up and away I went. let me tell you it was an experience dealing with the infomercial representative. I think her name was Wanda. She began describing the product and all the goodness it had to offer and I continued to listen. "Look Wanda I don't have time for this nonsense, just send me the product" She continued yapping away and finally I said you know what screw you I will just eBay my way to a perfect body.

I got home and went on eBay looking for the 13 set DVD I found a few for around $75 and some change, free shipping might I add. I then scrolled down and saw one for about $45 dollars BAM! I read the description, made sure it said NEW and proceeded to "Buy it Now."

A few days after I paid for the DVDs. I logged into eBay and realized the location of my item was in Tokyo, Japan, FML! I then sent a message to the member asking him or her when my product would make it to my side of the world, no answer. The next morning I wake up and the damn jap is no longer a registered user of! ****myLife!

I then opened up a claim with Paypal to try and get my $45 back, case is still "open" we shall see how that goes....

I then once again went on eBay in attempts to find a real person with a real set of P90X. I found one $75 plus $5 in shipping charges, not bad I guess....I mean Ms. Wanda was trying to charge me 3 easy payments of $39.

I racked up and ordered it. The member quickly shipped it and it should actually be here tomorrow. I received my Perfect Pull up today and my roommate purchase the resistance bands. We are ready for the 90 days of our lives.

Tomorrow will mark the start of the new me. 2010 will not be the same. I will update you guys along the way with progress pictures, and how I am doing with my diet. I hope this will actually keep me motivated to continue on with the program

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