Wednesday, June 2, 2010

The REAL Housewives of NYC

I hated this film. The end. Next article. I jest however Sex and the City 2 did bring in a lot mixed reviews. After reading multiple opinions for the film online, I realized that a lot of bloggers emotions were either extremely negative or extremely positive and there was no in between. The only negative I saw across the board was the movie was way to long. Did James Cameron sneak one on us? It felt like watching Avatar all over again except Avatar engulfed the audience into its world instead of making them laugh at it.

The movie starts off by introducing Carrie, Charlotte, Miranda and Samantha. It does a brief introduction to all of them and what they used to look like back in the 80s and thank god they changed, Miranda had the most ridiculous haircut that looked like a “post” makeover haircut that Tyra Banks gives her girls on America’s Next Top Model. The movie then continues on to a gay wedding (Saw this coming) and not just any gay wedding, a really gaaaaaaay wedding with swans, an all male chorus and, Liza Minnelli doing a number on stage to single ladies. What kind of wedding would it be without Samantha seducing the most attractive male at the event and doing adult things with him? It wouldn’t be kosher. It was a Jewish wedding too.

I thought, when I first started watching the movie, that it would get to the point really quickly but, this movie dragged on and on with scene after scene of basic low budget jokes. I really did laugh in spite of this, a lot of times it felt like the directors were trying too hard to make something out of nothing. A full hour later we get to the point! Samantha gets invited to Dubai! So I thought and I was wrong and so were you, it was some place Abu Dhabi? Don’t judge my spelling. I never heard of the place nevertheless according to the hotel owner in the film it is the new Middle East.

Continuing on, much like the movie, the girls all get flown to the desert first class to spend a week in luxury riding around in their own personal Mybot and getting serviced by very attractive men (a dream we all share). In typical Sex and the City style the ladies learn about themselves and their relationships back home, while in meantime showing the world that the Middle East is a completely repressed society who treats their women like 5th class citizens. I know what you are thinking, a powerhouse of change, much like Sally Struthers’s.

Did I say I enjoyed the movie? Honestly, I really think it was like a tasting wine: I was enjoying while watching the movie at The Midtown Art Cinema, but like the proper way to be a Sommelier you spit that sh*t out before you swallow it. Thankfully, the theaters location is in perfect stumbling distance from F.R.O.G.S, a favorite of mine, as well as Après Diem. The theatre conveniently sells alcohol in the lobby and could possibly be the reason I always end up with movie tickets in my pockets for which I have no explanation of. Much like my nights of ill foggy remembrance, the lines were long, the gays brighter than Christmas and the hags just everywhere- The designer outfits were out in full force and the high heels could not be higher, but I doubt it was just the heels giving such an elevated demeanor. To me it felt like a red carpet event: if you were in front of the line you felt like Lady Gaga and if you were in the back you probably felt like Andy Dick.

Anyway back to the REAL housewives of New York City, or the over glamorized, wish it was me housewives of New York. Carrie stumbles upon her ex-boyfriend, Aidan, in a market place and long story very short ends up going on a dinner date with him and at the end of it all ends up kissing him for about 5 seconds. Shocked I’m sure you are since the previews didn’t lead up to that. Fret not I wont spoil it for you, but the resolve ends with a diamond.

Samantha’s story was the same as it always is very one-dimensional. She is struggling through menopause the entire film and having sex with anyone who would do the honors of buttering her muffin. Samantha; however, was still the shinning star of the movie bringing on most of the laughs and ridiculousness that is SATC. Our favorite hag, Charlotte is concerned the entire time that her husband is cheating with a beautiful bra-less nanny who turns out to be a lesbian at the end. Miranda is struggling with finding time for family and work, now if it was me I’d be choosing between Absolut or Kettle One, but we get the picture, either way we expect the same outcome.

The product placement was evident and not to far behind. Everything had a label and if it didn’t it was assumed to be designer. The big advertisers were Dior, Blackberry, Apple, and HP among others who made the cut. Even Toyota made a grand appearance in the film and I laughed when it did, when you see the movie you will understand.

The film overall, if I had to grade it, gets a B+. It had a lot of very well thought out moments and did offer a lot of great laughs. The audience participation also made the film more enjoyable, it is always fun to hear a girl call Carrie Bradshaw a “stupid b****!” for confessing to her infidelity. I feel really bad for that young ladies boyfriend.

So in closing, grab a drink, purchase a ticket and watch it with your best gal pals; if you’re lucky you’ll be so looped on cosmos the laughs and length will have you going for hours.

Sunday, May 30, 2010

Coming to an End

May is a month that avid television viewers dread with all our favorite series and guilty pleasures come to a close. Now that most of our beloved shows are singing their farewell songs, what is a couch potato to do? This television season has brought a lot of entertainment and great memorable moments with Brothers and Sisters finding water to bombs going off on Desperate Housewives finale to Sandra Diaz-Twine being crowned the last woman standing in Survivor: Heroes vs. Villains over fan favorite Russell Hantz. Also Atlantan Jordan Pious and his brother Dan crossed the finish-line first in The Amazing Race beating out the cowboys and the pageant queen from South Carolina, who a few years back couldn’t explain why 1/5 of our nation could not locate the United States on a world map. This television season has been so-so and hopefully it will improve this summer and the rest of spring. With temperatures ticking upward and episodes of Glee winding down, television aficionados will need new entertainment to occupy those hot summer nights spent indoors with the air conditioning up and the television blaring. Here is a highlight of what’s ended, what’s to come for the remainder of the spring and what new season premieres we can look forward to.

Is anyone watching this season? The ratings say no and, the word on the streets says no. This season has been dubbed “the worst” season of the program with no real stars stepping forward and becoming the next Carrie Underwood. Production seems to think that Ellen might be the reason why ratings have fallen evident by the online poll they have put up targeting her indirectly despite her daytime talk show holding its own in ratings. I think the real culprit was getting rid of Paula Abdul, Simon’s impending departure and the lack of superstar talent. Crystal Bowersox and Lee DeWyze are the last two standing and no matter who wins they will both go down the same path as the previous idol winner Kris Allen who barely went gold. (Adam was robbed!)

It is no surprised that a series that had its own dictionary had a very confusing finale. The 114th and last episode, titled The End, was very disappointing and shocked the viewers by revealing that all the characters were really on the Island and when they passed away they moved on to an alternate world where as soon as they made peace with themselves they could eventually move on to heaven. Confusing much? I am not an avid viewer so this is probably the reason for my fuddle. The entire finale seemed to be opening more doors then it was closing and the action was definitely entertaining to watch even if I was so confused.

This season Donald Trump kept his recruits on their toes with amazing projects and plenty of celebrity upsets. I did not think Bret Michaels was going to make it as far as he did, but he kept his focus and head held up high and got the job over actress Holly Robinson Peete. A lot of people thought that Peete would get hired, but a lot of viewers continued to cheer for Michaels. Just recently Bret was hospitalized for having a ‘patent forum ovale’ in layman’s terms a hole in his heart. He has suffered a lot of scares in the past do to his diabetes, but this one is definitely one for the books. Hopefully he will make a speedy recovery and back to making low budget reality television programs on VH1 where he will continue his search for his next love.

As the highest rated season of the show, people are growing more and more attached to these lovable losers while on their incredible journey. I never watched the show before this season so I can’t tell if these twists and turns are new or standard Loser procedure but I know I love it! In last week’s episode the final four were sent home for four weeks to train for a full marathon running 26.2 miles. Daris broke the Loser record and ran the race in four hours while the rest followed in the next couple of hours. At the weight-in, Ashley and Michael made it into the final three even though they finished last in the marathon and walked most of it while Koli and Daris are now depending on America’s votes to see who will be in this week’s finale. As for Ashley and Michael, I think it’s up to these two to win the gold. They both have lost a tremendous amount of weight and if they keep losing they’ll sweep the cash! Personally, I think Michael deserves it more than anyone, but it’s still anyone’s game.

What to look forward to: This summer we can expect to see a lot of reality television series return and some of our favorite guilty pleasures make their appearance after a long hiatus.

Work of Art: The Next Great Artist
Premieres June 9, on Bravo
In this Project Runway for the art world, 14 fine artists are charged with creating weekly masterpieces in a variety of artistic media. The hopefuls are assembled in New York and consist of the art world’s brightest up-and-coming Picassos, whose artworks are evaluated by a panel of accomplished judges. Last artist standing receives $100,000, a solo exhibition at the Brooklyn Museum of Art and the ego boost that comes with being crowned The Next Great Artist.

Kathy Griffin: My Life on the D-list
Premieres June 15, on Bravo
Despite her A-list level success, Kathy Griffin kicks off the sixth season of her D-listed show by losing out on a Creative Arts Emmy made worse by the fact that she was hosting the Awards when it happened. Such is the poetry of Griffin’s life, which in this latest incarnation finds her marching on Washington for gay rights, paling around Alaska with fellow D-lister Levi Johnston, judging toddler beauty pageants, and stalking A-listers such as Kristen Chenoweth and Liza Minnelli.

The Jersey Shore
Premieres July 29, on MTV.
I know; how dare I put this on the ‘looking forward to’ section? This television phenomenon has changed the face of reality television showing that ANYONE can become a pseudo-celeb just by being a tragic mess. MTV takes a group of 8 Italian-Americans and put them in a house and films them documentary style as they consume all the free alcohol and Subway sandwiches they can handle. What other show has sparked enough fanfare to have parties themed after it. Everyone wants to be a ‘Guido’ nowadays so embrace it, it’s entertaining.

So if you are looking for forward to your favorite show to start or are in need of something new and fun to watch you are in good hands this summer with tons of the old and new great series just around the horizon.

More premieres to come True Blood on June 13 (HBO), Big Brother 12 early July (CBS), Hung June 27 (HBO), Hell’s Kitchen June 1 (FOX) and, America’s Got Talent June 1 (NBC). and many more.

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Pensacola Pride

Wondering what your fellow gay neighbor upstairs is doing that is causing your ceiling to feel like it is about to collapse like your 401k? Go upstairs and ask; they will probably tell you they are on day 75 of P90x in preparation for one of most anticipated events of the year; Memorial Day weekend in Pensacola also known as Pensacola Pride. The 5-day weekend is considered a favorite travel destination of many Atlantans. The event draws crowds from all over the south mostly coming from Florida, Alabama, Mississippi, Tennessee, the Carolinas and especially Georgia. With Atlanta being landlocked, it is not hard to see why so many from here make the short drive and head to the beach. Some have dubbed the annual pilgrimage; “Blake’s on the beach” as a joke to point out how many of the familiar faced Atlanta boys you will run in to in Pensacola only in their bathing suits instead of all dolled up in their usual evening attire.

The Florida panhandle is not known to be a very liberal location to host such a big event. Despite the unlikely location, the locals embrace and welcome the masses of LGBT community that descend every year to Pensacola Beach and notice the huge economic impact it brings. The celebration began more than 20 years ago and has become a cross between a circuit party and a gay pride celebration. The event draws some 50,000 partygoers to the area over the several days.

The Portofino Island Resort is the host hotel for the weekend and usually sells-out months in advance. The Mediterranean-style resort spans 28-acres on the east end of Pensacola Beach, offering luxurious amenities such as seven heated pools, spas, saunas, steam rooms, Olympic-sized pools, indoor and outdoor restaurants and other services like water shuttle to the Pensacola Boardwalk for entertainment and shopping. Despite The Portofino website promise of “white sandy untouched beaches”, anyone who has been watching the news is aware of the oil spill that has covered the Gulf of Mexico in a dark layer of petroleum killing thousands of marine life and ruining the “white sandy beaches” across the shorelines. The bad news is we can’t help bring back the dolphins; the good news, the oil forecast looks clear for Pensacola’s beaches during the Memorial Day Weekend.

The host hotel boasts so many amenities that the guests should have no shortcoming of activities but honestly, most of your time is spent in your new Boy Next Door bathing suit with friends on the beach drinking in a make-shift tent city and talking about last week’s Glee episode while sightseeing and meeting new people. You might get lucky and end up bunked up with your future soul mate; anything is possible in the panhandle. A perfect way to end your beach days is to bounce around all of the many condo parties held all over the resort or head out to the local nightlife events at Emerald City, Pensacola’s premier gay club. Emerald City will be hosting a plethora of events for the night owls including Atlanta favorite DJ Joe Gauthreaux on Saturday and others like DJ Jay-R and DJ Dewight Barkley spinning throughout the week.

So get your bathing suits ready and your best liver out of storage and get ready for a weekend of crazy adventures that will surely end up as the headliners for table conversations amongst friends back home and, remember to update your facebook/twitter/foursquare/manhunt statuses often to keep us, who have to work in on all the action.

Monday, May 17, 2010

Part 2....I feel like

What constitute as a relationship? It seems like we as a society consider relationships to be, when a couple of people become close that they end up dating, and ultimately creating a strong bond that is sealed together by the wedding bands placed on their fingers at the alter during matrimony. That to me is just one form, one type, 1/8 of what true relationships can be.

I have not seriously dated anyone since late last year and it truly has shown me a world I didn't think existed. I can safely say that I tried things that I am not extremely proud of but do not regret. I will try anything once. Being an individual is part of growing up. Allowing yourself to be independent can seriously be very soothing and liberating at the same time.

To the point, I seem to wonder around a lot. I have met a lot of great people in the past few months but none have made me wonder or question me more than a recent encounter. The reality of it all is, it was never suppose to really happen it was almost accidental discovery of one another which is okay; Because at the end of the day we all meet one another in situations that can be argued to be accidental. Anyway, having a conversation with him just general questions and about the past made me open a book about my life that has long since been sealed. The stories I shared were ones that I don't necessarily share with anyone. Especially someone I don't really know. It made me rethink life and made me consider things I thought I had completely figured out. I questioned answers I had spent countless hours questioning in the past.

So what now?

Well, it is time to really focus on my family and trying to build those relationships that will last regardless of struggles and hardships that have been placed in between them to make them inconvenient to pursue.

to that individual, thanks.

Lessons relationships built

In the past few months I have become a better person. How cliche does that sentence sound? But, its true I have. I have learned that a lot of personal traits are acquired through self-discovery and, no matter how much formal training one receives in government funded institutions or alternative methods, nothing will ever change that fact.

I have made a lot of decisions in my young life and, to this point I have not allowed myself to choose a path that could ultimately have bad circumstances. One could say, I play a safe game. In the world of reality television people would consider me as a under the radar contestant. Anyway, what I am trying to say is I am boring! no, that can't be true. I am far from a a boring person, I just like to keep it traditional.

When I turned 18, I knew a lot of things were going to change. I had to really decide the path in my life that would guide me in the right direction; into a good future with a lot more positives than negatives. I made a playbook in my head with different scenarios that would keep me in check. If I wrote it out, it would look like an encyclopedia.

To my point, in January, I left Bloomingdale's. I really didn't like doing retail or felt the growth within the industry to stay. I then joined the millions of other Americans sitting at home trying to find themselves or find a job that would bring home the bacon. I used that time to find myself and what I needed to do in order to make it through into the next chapter of my life. I chose to find another job. I applied at multiple places and got offers from most of them but, I couldn't decide fact enough so those opportunities went down the drain. A few weeks later a friend called me and said, he referred me to his boss and she is interested in interviewing me for a position at Nordstrom. The thoughts going through my mind were endless but, ultimately I took the position and I do enjoy it. I guess some of us are born salesmen and I am one of those people. Temporary? We shall find out.

As stated on my earlier blog, I began writing for this weekly here in Atlanta called SBImagazine. It is a weekly that covers local businesses and events going on around Midtown, Atlanta. It is a fun job that comes with the opportunity to meet a lot of important people in the publishing world and with plenty of perks to keep me interested. It is also a way to continue to improve my resume for future use.

As my career at Georgia State University comes to a close, I have realized that the real battle is on the way and that expectations I have set for myself have been set extremely high.

Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Cinco De Mayo!

I have recently started writing for a magazine called SBImagazine here in Atlanta and from time to time I will be putting up the articles I write for the local weekly magazine.

If someone asked me what Cinco de Mayo was I would say it is when Mexico gained its independence from Spain. In a huge war that looked like a scene from Saving Private Ryan lots of bombs, gunshots, and bloodshed…. And this is why I am not a history teacher. Thanks to wikipedia I can ‘safely state’ that Cinco De Mayo is a celebration of the Mexican army’s unlikely victory over the French at the Battle of Puebla May 5, 1862 under the leadership of Mexican General Ignacio Zaragoza Seguín. In other words….who cares?

In the United States we celebrate any holiday that involves gifts, paid time off work, sex, or booze. Americans love to make sure they are politically correct and include all minorities in our yearly calendar of events thus why we have a month of appreciation for every minority. In February we celebrate valentine’s day I mean, national break up day on the 13th. In march, we celebrate St.Patricks Day; where for one night the entire country worships the act of getting intoxicated and not be penalized for it the following morning at the office because, you blackmailed the boss after you snapped a picture of him in a compromising position at the local Irish pub. April is the month where for a day you can lie about anything and people can’t hold it against you. It is also makes me chuckle that Jesus was born on the month that includes a holiday where people are encouraged to tell lies. It is also the month that host 420….just saying.

Then we get to the month of May. This month is really interesting because a lot of things go on to give people reasons to celebrate. For one, American Idol crowns a winner every year (shocked it is not a national holiday yet). In the south, May is usually when the kids get out of school. This month is also Asian Pacific American Heritage month, mental health month, egg month, salad month, flower month, No socks day and, interestingly enough on May 6 we celebrate No diet day. I can see why this one is not so popular in the gay community. I guess I’ll have that two-piece and a biscuit instead of that celery stick. I don’t know about ya’ll but, I’m going to be boozing it up on National Tulip day.

The main event of the month is definitely Cinco De Mayo. A lot of people don’t understand why this “holiday” has become so popular in the states. Not even Mexicans can really explain it. It’s not even a legit holiday in Mexico. Mexicans just go along with it; after all burrito sales do go up that day and so do pepto sales. In Atlanta, a lot of venues hold special events to cater to the big crowds hungry for food and few tasty margaritas. La Margaritas is holding specials all night including $5 margaritas, twisters, mojitos, shots de cuervo and sangria. Also, for those who will be to intoxicated to get behind the wheel of a car, the restaurant will be providing a free shuttle bus from there to Café Con Leche at The Heretic. Other venues that are popular during cinco are Zocalos, F.R.O.G.S, Papis’ Midtown, Taco Cabana, Twisted Taco, Rosa Mexicano, and No Mas Cantina in Castleberry Hill.

So grab your sombreros and have a great night….and remember don’t tweet and drink!

Friday, April 2, 2010

If you are unemployed, you are not trying hard enough!

I have been unemployed for 2 months and it has been a colossal wake up call. I realized that this job market is not for those who are not vigorous. In my search for the right job career I have encountered a lot of obstacles that I did not think would surface. I didn't realize how bad our economy really was until I had to deal with it. The first thing I had to do was file for unemployment because some hard cash is definitely better than no cash and let me tell you, the amount of money they are giving me is what I used to spend on a Friday night going out with my buddies.

The first task was updating my resume. I had to dig it out of my file cabinet hard drive and add any skills I had obtained in the 5 years since I last even looked at it. It still had my high school GPA on it. That awesome 2.40 I worked so little to earn. Once my resume looked like the declaration of independence I had to submit it to prospective employers. I went on and just started emailing to anyone who had a decent salary. I didn't care what, I just wanted to find something quickly.

2 months later: I only received one call back from this Indian Jewelry Company. (Never again will I work for one of those it’s like making a Jew work for the Nazi army)

I then decided to go the traditional route; apply online at reputable companies. I started with Nordstrom, Neiman Marcus, T-Mobile, AT&T, Costco, Sam's Club, Tiffany & Co., etc. The list goes on....

One thing they all had in common was that DAMN godforsakenIwillkillyou personality test! Those dreadful creatures make me look like I hate being managed, I’m a rebel and, I do not like authority. What employer would ever hire someone like that? Being in 2010 I quickly went online and took a 30 minute tutorial on how to pass a personality test. hehehe I love Google. I then continued to apply at other places and used my newfound knowledge on the test and bam! I started receiving phone calls and follow-up emails.

I received calls from two companies that I respect and would love to work for. To make a long blog short. I went two both interviews and they both went very well. Now it is really up to me to decide which career path I will take.

Monday, March 1, 2010

The baby Jersey Shore

I just had to take the time and talk about what I encountered while surfing through "snookie" videos on YouTube. Yes, I am still highly entertained by the Jersey Shore cast even though the season is over (which P.S. they have signed on for a second season). I skimmed endlessly trying to find the funniest video of all and I think today I have struck oil. This Parody essentially takes the cast and puts them in baby form and rein act scenes for the show. enjoy!

Sunday, February 14, 2010

Oh, Valentine's Day!

We all know this day as either the most remarkable or dismal day of the calendar year. It is a day where most of us either feel loved or absolutely alone. Valentine’s day is one of those holidays that essentially is used to allow people to show appreciation for the one or ones they love. Most of us, go out buy a dozen roses, make reservations at a 5-star restaurant or create an atmosphere at home to demonstrate to that special someone that we care.

Online in websites like Facebook and Twitter, it is very simple to spot those that oppose the holiday because they don’t feel that they are loved and no one cares. Usually comments like “I hate Valentine’s Day” or “screw it I’m happy being alone”. The act of even taking the time to post a status update illustrates that deep down within they do care. They want what a lot of us think we need, validation. They want to feel that someone out there loves and needs them just as much as they do.

If all of us took the time and took a few steps back and realized that no one should ever need validation to feel loved. In order to love someone else, one has to be able to love youself. Think about it this way, it is not love that you miss it is some self-esteem and confidence that you need.

This holiday is a day to enjoy and reflect on myself. If I don’t have someone to spend it with, I treat myself to the spa and reflect on my family and their good health. It is not always about that special person; it is about life and what the future will bring from this day of forward.

So, relax and if you are alone pop in a movie and enjoy the evening with a glass of chardonnay and remember that before you can love someone else, you must be able to love yourself.

Happy Valentine’s Day

Thursday, February 4, 2010

Call me crazy but, this isn't dungeons and dragons!

Earlier this afternoon, while in class I received a tweet from a friend telling me that some guy stabbed his professor with a sword! a sword! I quickly started BBM, tweeting, Facebook stat-icing the hell out of the situation to find out! what the happened.

The student apparently did not agree with the grade a professor gave him on a paper so he ran in the classroom with a sword and jabbed him into Grady Memorial Hospital.

The suspect was apparently a recent college grad? I'm going based on information that I received from multiple sources. It is interesting though throughout the day I have heard so many different versions of something that happened three hours ago. Here are some of the the ones I have gotten:

"Professor sliced in half with a Katana sword."

"professor was hit with a sword in the middle of an exam."

"a student was slabbed to death by a professor at tech."

I will let the story unfold and see what comes of it.... Atlanta Journal Constitution says the professor was taken to grady in critical condition.

poor guy....

I still do not see why students or anyone for that matter is allowed to have a sword. There should be laws against this.

This is the second incident I hear about someone getting swiped with a sword. Here is a story from 2007 this time the victim was the perpetrator

Is it just me or Javier Cotera is something special....


Saturday, January 9, 2010

The Jersey Shore real talk!

Is it just me or is the new MTV hit a success. I try really hard to make myself really realize that this show is mindless television but, I cannot help but be entertained by the trainwreck. The show follows the story of 8 young Italian-Americans from across the northeast and puts them together in a shore house for the summer in Seaside Heights, New Jersey.

Before this show the Italian-American community had not been represented in this light. The term Guido was never so openly used on television and the oh so famous blowout never made an appearance and got so much attention as it does now. The Italian community especially in New Jersey is proud. The people live and breath their heritage. In every corner on every street the italian pride is evident. They are just a proud group of people and to have a show present them so negatively is almost seems like taboo.

The cast consist of:

Vinny: Is the one that gets the "renaissance man" edit and is seen as the most normal one in the group with very little dramatic defining features.

J.WOW: first off, I love her random nickname. "hey whats your name?" "" "wow......" she is pretty chill. She seems to be the character all the other cast members go to for advice. I don't know how much of the advice I would take but, nonetheless she is the shoulders-to-cry-on chick.

Angelina: Who? oh yeah....the girl with the black trash bags.

Pauly D: This guy is your typical Guido. All decked out in Italian paraphernalia and tattoos. He is a DJ from Rhode Island who is already being dubbed "the king of the blowout" honestly, he is not the first person in jersey to have that hairstyle but, in TV world he invented it. Pauly is one of the party animals in the house whose always ready to go "creep" on some Guidettes at the bar.

Mike "The Situation": He is the epitamy of a jerk. He is that douch in high school who know one knew why they talked to. He is incredibly self-centered, selfish, egotistical, bully and probably considers himself the son of Zeus himself. He named his abs "The situation" nuff said....

Ronnie: My favorite! he is strong, buff, good-hearted, wholesome, and juiced up! He at first glance looks like an asshole but, deep down inside this man from the Bronx has a heart of gold and is truly being shown in a good light.

Sammi: eh boring, jersey trash that actually got picked up by Ronnie....

Overall the cast is very acclectic representing a lot of the facets that are the Italian community. The show has been criticized as being to vulgar and miss representing the people. Dell even stopped sponsoring the show because of the message it was trying to convey. It can get a little sticky. The show is very different from anything else MTV has shown in the past but, it is very entertaining and makes great tv.

Ha! did you think I'd forget!

Nicole aka Snooki: This chick is 100% Guidette. She is the show. Her personality and her behavior may be seen misunderstood but, she is truly a great chick. She always seems to be in the lime-light and always seems to stick up for what she believes in.

I am excited to see how the rest of the season unfolds. If MTV is paying attention they will definitely bring this show back for a second season.

Photo courtesy of MTV.

Monday, January 4, 2010

Welcome 2010! only two years left

It seems like 2009 came and went with a bang. It started off small and ended on a big note. I think I managed to accomplish every goal I set out to accomplish....I mean some of the goals I set up to accomplish....I mean I didn't really accomplish anything at all really. It was another year of partying, drinking, meeting new people and, traveling.

Like always I went back home to New York City, my birthplace and childhood stomping grounds, to celebrate the new year with close friends. I enjoyed fine dining, great scenery, eclectic personalities, and a great nightlife. Some of the venues I managed to visit were the always amazing Cafeteria in the Chelsea district of town; for dinner G Lounge in Chelsea for some cocktails and, Greenhouse in the East Village for some dancing.

I always love revisiting these places because of the characters I always meet. The diverse crowds and the tourist these places attract always make for a great evening in Manhattan. I even managed to fit in Micah Jesse of for a night out on the town. We conquered the city one cocktail and dance beat at a time (FIST PUMP!).

For the strike of the new year I spent it avoiding Time Square. I typically do. The crowds are not worth the ball drop. I ended up going out with a few friends to Gym Bar to enjoy their ever so enjoyable happy hour specials while getting our cocktails mixed by a buff muscle daddy wearing a huge chain across his neck and ass-less chaps very classy. Then we transferred over to X.E.S. Lounge and waited for the whistle to blow. I managed to get a new years kiss as I always do and enjoyed the rest of the evening dancing and drinking my liver into the new year.

I have yet to begin any of my new goals I set for this year but, I think it is time to start so shall we begin....

Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Survivor: Samoa Who will outwit them all?

As the season comes to an end (only two episodes left) we have a very interesting cast remaining. I must say the season has been good, plenty of blindsides and plenty of idols being used. The most out of any season of Survivor to date. We have Russell, Mick, Natalie, Jaison, Brett and, Shannon aka: Shambo.

As it stands Foa Foa have the numbers advantage 4-2 and with Shambo being a honorable mention of Foa Foa, Brett is the sole Galu remaining. The Aiga tribe seems set on voting out Brett because he is a very good physical competitor and is the last "enemy" remaining but, what the tribe forgot to realize is that he is able to win individual immunity causing the 5 to start eating themselves up. He already won immunity causing Foa Foa to vote out Monica even though she was an incredibly weak physical threat for immunity.

This upcoming thursday the previews show Russell trying to plot to vote off Brett calling him a "little punk, whose a huge threat" if It all goes according to Foa Foa's (CORRECTION) Russell's plan Brett will go home.

On the other side what will make these remaining episodes more interesting would be if Brett does win immunity again and Foa Foa begins to scatter to save themselves.

My opinion: Brett will win immunity again and Shambo will be on the chopping block. Russell doesn't need her anymore and has made it very clear that her usefulness has ran its course.

We shall see.

One failure at a time

Last time I updated my blog I was excited about starting P90X and in about 15 days a lot of people would be expecting my "result" shots but, sorry to tell you guys I failed. I only managed to do 4 days of the expensive do it at home fitness program. (Maybe I will try again January 1st, 2010)

So, I just finished another semester of college at Georgia State and got a "D" in my Advance News Reporting class. My 2nd "D" in my entire college career. The first one was in Fall of 2008. I never thought a grade like that would bring so much joy into my life. Long story! and I am to lazy to try and explain the situation it requires numbers and figures, I don't have time for that.

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Sunday, October 4, 2009

1st day of P90x

Wow...all I have to say. The first day of P90x was definitely something else. I felt the burn and it worked out me real good. I think my frustration is going to come in because mentally I feel that the program is not going to work. I took my 1st day pictures and will post them after 30 days when I see the first set of results. I think I am going to try very hard to train my body to eating right. Im going to start by eating a healthy breakfast in the mornings and really try to stay away from the food court at Lenox.

The first workout showed me that I am way out of shape and need to really get on it if I plan to succeed. My reps were extremely low and got worse on the second part of the DVD. Lets see how tomorrow morning goes.

My plan meals consist of a lot of oatmeal, egg whites, chicken breast, etc. Im going to try and stick with the diet accordingly. For the first time im motivated to actually succeed.

Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Tommorow the quest of a lifetime

For as long as I can remember I have been trying my hardest to get in shape, you know that sexy body, rock hard abs, beautiful legs, etc...and I have paid a lot of money to the local gyms attempting to win the fight but, WRONG! I cannot seem to get it right. I think maybe its that my body just cant get in shape or I just don't know what I am doing. I think it might be the second one.

Well a few weeks ago I was in the break-room of my job at Bloomingdale's and this infomercial came on...P90X or some crap like that. I for some reason couldn't look away. I continued to glue myself on to the TV until the commercial was done. Then when the toll free number came up and up and away I went. let me tell you it was an experience dealing with the infomercial representative. I think her name was Wanda. She began describing the product and all the goodness it had to offer and I continued to listen. "Look Wanda I don't have time for this nonsense, just send me the product" She continued yapping away and finally I said you know what screw you I will just eBay my way to a perfect body.

I got home and went on eBay looking for the 13 set DVD I found a few for around $75 and some change, free shipping might I add. I then scrolled down and saw one for about $45 dollars BAM! I read the description, made sure it said NEW and proceeded to "Buy it Now."

A few days after I paid for the DVDs. I logged into eBay and realized the location of my item was in Tokyo, Japan, FML! I then sent a message to the member asking him or her when my product would make it to my side of the world, no answer. The next morning I wake up and the damn jap is no longer a registered user of! ****myLife!

I then opened up a claim with Paypal to try and get my $45 back, case is still "open" we shall see how that goes....

I then once again went on eBay in attempts to find a real person with a real set of P90X. I found one $75 plus $5 in shipping charges, not bad I guess....I mean Ms. Wanda was trying to charge me 3 easy payments of $39.

I racked up and ordered it. The member quickly shipped it and it should actually be here tomorrow. I received my Perfect Pull up today and my roommate purchase the resistance bands. We are ready for the 90 days of our lives.

Tomorrow will mark the start of the new me. 2010 will not be the same. I will update you guys along the way with progress pictures, and how I am doing with my diet. I hope this will actually keep me motivated to continue on with the program