Monday, May 17, 2010

Part 2....I feel like

What constitute as a relationship? It seems like we as a society consider relationships to be, when a couple of people become close that they end up dating, and ultimately creating a strong bond that is sealed together by the wedding bands placed on their fingers at the alter during matrimony. That to me is just one form, one type, 1/8 of what true relationships can be.

I have not seriously dated anyone since late last year and it truly has shown me a world I didn't think existed. I can safely say that I tried things that I am not extremely proud of but do not regret. I will try anything once. Being an individual is part of growing up. Allowing yourself to be independent can seriously be very soothing and liberating at the same time.

To the point, I seem to wonder around a lot. I have met a lot of great people in the past few months but none have made me wonder or question me more than a recent encounter. The reality of it all is, it was never suppose to really happen it was almost accidental discovery of one another which is okay; Because at the end of the day we all meet one another in situations that can be argued to be accidental. Anyway, having a conversation with him just general questions and about the past made me open a book about my life that has long since been sealed. The stories I shared were ones that I don't necessarily share with anyone. Especially someone I don't really know. It made me rethink life and made me consider things I thought I had completely figured out. I questioned answers I had spent countless hours questioning in the past.

So what now?

Well, it is time to really focus on my family and trying to build those relationships that will last regardless of struggles and hardships that have been placed in between them to make them inconvenient to pursue.

to that individual, thanks.

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