Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Survivor: Samoa Who will outwit them all?

As the season comes to an end (only two episodes left) we have a very interesting cast remaining. I must say the season has been good, plenty of blindsides and plenty of idols being used. The most out of any season of Survivor to date. We have Russell, Mick, Natalie, Jaison, Brett and, Shannon aka: Shambo.

As it stands Foa Foa have the numbers advantage 4-2 and with Shambo being a honorable mention of Foa Foa, Brett is the sole Galu remaining. The Aiga tribe seems set on voting out Brett because he is a very good physical competitor and is the last "enemy" remaining but, what the tribe forgot to realize is that he is able to win individual immunity causing the 5 to start eating themselves up. He already won immunity causing Foa Foa to vote out Monica even though she was an incredibly weak physical threat for immunity.

This upcoming thursday the previews show Russell trying to plot to vote off Brett calling him a "little punk, whose a huge threat" if It all goes according to Foa Foa's (CORRECTION) Russell's plan Brett will go home.

On the other side what will make these remaining episodes more interesting would be if Brett does win immunity again and Foa Foa begins to scatter to save themselves.

My opinion: Brett will win immunity again and Shambo will be on the chopping block. Russell doesn't need her anymore and has made it very clear that her usefulness has ran its course.

We shall see.

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