Monday, January 4, 2010

Welcome 2010! only two years left

It seems like 2009 came and went with a bang. It started off small and ended on a big note. I think I managed to accomplish every goal I set out to accomplish....I mean some of the goals I set up to accomplish....I mean I didn't really accomplish anything at all really. It was another year of partying, drinking, meeting new people and, traveling.

Like always I went back home to New York City, my birthplace and childhood stomping grounds, to celebrate the new year with close friends. I enjoyed fine dining, great scenery, eclectic personalities, and a great nightlife. Some of the venues I managed to visit were the always amazing Cafeteria in the Chelsea district of town; for dinner G Lounge in Chelsea for some cocktails and, Greenhouse in the East Village for some dancing.

I always love revisiting these places because of the characters I always meet. The diverse crowds and the tourist these places attract always make for a great evening in Manhattan. I even managed to fit in Micah Jesse of for a night out on the town. We conquered the city one cocktail and dance beat at a time (FIST PUMP!).

For the strike of the new year I spent it avoiding Time Square. I typically do. The crowds are not worth the ball drop. I ended up going out with a few friends to Gym Bar to enjoy their ever so enjoyable happy hour specials while getting our cocktails mixed by a buff muscle daddy wearing a huge chain across his neck and ass-less chaps very classy. Then we transferred over to X.E.S. Lounge and waited for the whistle to blow. I managed to get a new years kiss as I always do and enjoyed the rest of the evening dancing and drinking my liver into the new year.

I have yet to begin any of my new goals I set for this year but, I think it is time to start so shall we begin....

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  1. Die for you babe!

    Micah Jesse