Saturday, January 9, 2010

The Jersey Shore real talk!

Is it just me or is the new MTV hit a success. I try really hard to make myself really realize that this show is mindless television but, I cannot help but be entertained by the trainwreck. The show follows the story of 8 young Italian-Americans from across the northeast and puts them together in a shore house for the summer in Seaside Heights, New Jersey.

Before this show the Italian-American community had not been represented in this light. The term Guido was never so openly used on television and the oh so famous blowout never made an appearance and got so much attention as it does now. The Italian community especially in New Jersey is proud. The people live and breath their heritage. In every corner on every street the italian pride is evident. They are just a proud group of people and to have a show present them so negatively is almost seems like taboo.

The cast consist of:

Vinny: Is the one that gets the "renaissance man" edit and is seen as the most normal one in the group with very little dramatic defining features.

J.WOW: first off, I love her random nickname. "hey whats your name?" "" "wow......" she is pretty chill. She seems to be the character all the other cast members go to for advice. I don't know how much of the advice I would take but, nonetheless she is the shoulders-to-cry-on chick.

Angelina: Who? oh yeah....the girl with the black trash bags.

Pauly D: This guy is your typical Guido. All decked out in Italian paraphernalia and tattoos. He is a DJ from Rhode Island who is already being dubbed "the king of the blowout" honestly, he is not the first person in jersey to have that hairstyle but, in TV world he invented it. Pauly is one of the party animals in the house whose always ready to go "creep" on some Guidettes at the bar.

Mike "The Situation": He is the epitamy of a jerk. He is that douch in high school who know one knew why they talked to. He is incredibly self-centered, selfish, egotistical, bully and probably considers himself the son of Zeus himself. He named his abs "The situation" nuff said....

Ronnie: My favorite! he is strong, buff, good-hearted, wholesome, and juiced up! He at first glance looks like an asshole but, deep down inside this man from the Bronx has a heart of gold and is truly being shown in a good light.

Sammi: eh boring, jersey trash that actually got picked up by Ronnie....

Overall the cast is very acclectic representing a lot of the facets that are the Italian community. The show has been criticized as being to vulgar and miss representing the people. Dell even stopped sponsoring the show because of the message it was trying to convey. It can get a little sticky. The show is very different from anything else MTV has shown in the past but, it is very entertaining and makes great tv.

Ha! did you think I'd forget!

Nicole aka Snooki: This chick is 100% Guidette. She is the show. Her personality and her behavior may be seen misunderstood but, she is truly a great chick. She always seems to be in the lime-light and always seems to stick up for what she believes in.

I am excited to see how the rest of the season unfolds. If MTV is paying attention they will definitely bring this show back for a second season.

Photo courtesy of MTV.

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