Thursday, February 4, 2010

Call me crazy but, this isn't dungeons and dragons!

Earlier this afternoon, while in class I received a tweet from a friend telling me that some guy stabbed his professor with a sword! a sword! I quickly started BBM, tweeting, Facebook stat-icing the hell out of the situation to find out! what the happened.

The student apparently did not agree with the grade a professor gave him on a paper so he ran in the classroom with a sword and jabbed him into Grady Memorial Hospital.

The suspect was apparently a recent college grad? I'm going based on information that I received from multiple sources. It is interesting though throughout the day I have heard so many different versions of something that happened three hours ago. Here are some of the the ones I have gotten:

"Professor sliced in half with a Katana sword."

"professor was hit with a sword in the middle of an exam."

"a student was slabbed to death by a professor at tech."

I will let the story unfold and see what comes of it.... Atlanta Journal Constitution says the professor was taken to grady in critical condition.

poor guy....

I still do not see why students or anyone for that matter is allowed to have a sword. There should be laws against this.

This is the second incident I hear about someone getting swiped with a sword. Here is a story from 2007 this time the victim was the perpetrator

Is it just me or Javier Cotera is something special....


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