Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Cinco De Mayo!

I have recently started writing for a magazine called SBImagazine here in Atlanta and from time to time I will be putting up the articles I write for the local weekly magazine.

If someone asked me what Cinco de Mayo was I would say it is when Mexico gained its independence from Spain. In a huge war that looked like a scene from Saving Private Ryan lots of bombs, gunshots, and bloodshed…. And this is why I am not a history teacher. Thanks to wikipedia I can ‘safely state’ that Cinco De Mayo is a celebration of the Mexican army’s unlikely victory over the French at the Battle of Puebla May 5, 1862 under the leadership of Mexican General Ignacio Zaragoza Seguín. In other words….who cares?

In the United States we celebrate any holiday that involves gifts, paid time off work, sex, or booze. Americans love to make sure they are politically correct and include all minorities in our yearly calendar of events thus why we have a month of appreciation for every minority. In February we celebrate valentine’s day I mean, national break up day on the 13th. In march, we celebrate St.Patricks Day; where for one night the entire country worships the act of getting intoxicated and not be penalized for it the following morning at the office because, you blackmailed the boss after you snapped a picture of him in a compromising position at the local Irish pub. April is the month where for a day you can lie about anything and people can’t hold it against you. It is also makes me chuckle that Jesus was born on the month that includes a holiday where people are encouraged to tell lies. It is also the month that host 420….just saying.

Then we get to the month of May. This month is really interesting because a lot of things go on to give people reasons to celebrate. For one, American Idol crowns a winner every year (shocked it is not a national holiday yet). In the south, May is usually when the kids get out of school. This month is also Asian Pacific American Heritage month, mental health month, egg month, salad month, flower month, No socks day and, interestingly enough on May 6 we celebrate No diet day. I can see why this one is not so popular in the gay community. I guess I’ll have that two-piece and a biscuit instead of that celery stick. I don’t know about ya’ll but, I’m going to be boozing it up on National Tulip day.

The main event of the month is definitely Cinco De Mayo. A lot of people don’t understand why this “holiday” has become so popular in the states. Not even Mexicans can really explain it. It’s not even a legit holiday in Mexico. Mexicans just go along with it; after all burrito sales do go up that day and so do pepto sales. In Atlanta, a lot of venues hold special events to cater to the big crowds hungry for food and few tasty margaritas. La Margaritas is holding specials all night including $5 margaritas, twisters, mojitos, shots de cuervo and sangria. Also, for those who will be to intoxicated to get behind the wheel of a car, the restaurant will be providing a free shuttle bus from there to Café Con Leche at The Heretic. Other venues that are popular during cinco are Zocalos, F.R.O.G.S, Papis’ Midtown, Taco Cabana, Twisted Taco, Rosa Mexicano, and No Mas Cantina in Castleberry Hill.

So grab your sombreros and have a great night….and remember don’t tweet and drink!

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